Stress Relief is Here!

prod2021EFinances are one of the most worrisome problems in the developed world. As many as one million of us file for bankruptcy each year; less than 10 percent of the population has a savings account. Unemployment, inflation, and income are topics of conversation you can strike up with just about anyone—they affect nearly every household.

Is it any wonder that tax season is such a stressful time of year?

Stress in Your Life?

Even if the topic of money doesn’t get you down, chances are you won’t have trouble finding other stressors in your life. These can range from traumatic, extraordinary events to normal, everyday situations and everything in between. Finding stress is never difficult. And dealing with stress doesn’t need to be, either.

AIM Composure provides all-natural stress relief with an herbal formula that sends targeted help to your body’s nervous system. The herbal ingredients in the U.S. and Canadian versions of Composure vary, but the results are the same: reduced tension, better sleep, and more relaxation.

How Does Stress Affect My Body?

To understand how best to deal with stress, it may help to understand how stress works and how it affects the body. When stressful situations mount, the body’s natural response to stressors is to go into survival mode. The body’s principal glands of stress — the adrenal glands, release hormones, cortisol and adrenaline, which prepare you for a flight or fight reaction and produce recognizable stress symptoms like a racing pulse, sweaty palms, and anxiety.

You can help reduce these anxious moments by limiting stress in your life, but know it is virtually impossible to get rid of it entirely.

When stress does inevitably arrive—be it tax season or any other time of year—be prepared with Composure’s blend of soothing herbs. You might not be able to live without stress, but Composure makes it possible to live with stress.

I think Composure is unique. I have never found a better mixture of herbs for anxiety and nerves. Those of us who struggle with fibromyalgia can be high-strung. When I take Composure, it calms my body and mind.

— June Keddis, Group Builder, Surrey, British Columbia